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The VID Foundation for Photography supports visual storytellers that expose often unseen, relevant, social issues from the Balkans (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia). Photography and visual storytelling shed light on important neglected or unknown narratives. However, in the Balkans photography remains an under-developed genre. This is because there is little to no opportunities or financial support for photography in the region. Although a new generation of photographers and artists is emerging, encouraged by shifts in regional politics and access to affordable technologies, the photography sector remains dominated by the mainstream media that does not necessarily reflect independent and alternative points of view. Under such conditions it is increasingly difficult for independent photographers to show alternative perspectives. This means there is little opportunity for independent visual storytellers and artists to explore creative, personal, long-term, and analytical approaches to their work. 

The name of the Foundation comes from the Latin root ‘Vid‘ meaning “to see” and in Slavic meaning “sight”. The VID Foundation for Photography seeks to broaden perceptions of the Balkan region through the medium of visual storytelling and photography. We want to open the eyes of the world to see the accomplishments of the visual photography scene in the Balkans, but also the challenges that emerging photographers there face.


Our Activities

The VID Grants

The VID Grant is an annual prize given by the VID Foundation for Photography. It seeks to support excellence in photography and promote the best emerging visual storytellers in the region. The VID Grant helps emerging photographers to develop their skills and practice. Support is given to visual storytellers, photographers and artists that show new, untold perspectives and representations of the social, cultural, environmental and physical landscape in the Balkans.


We regularly organise online, live webinars. The purpose of the webinars is to give insight to all those interested to apply for the VID Grant. At the Webinars we present the ins and outs of application writing, tips on how to write up a successful project proposal, and how to present best your work to a broader public. Please follow us on Instagram to see all our webinars to date.


We regularly organise online, live interviews/conversations with leading photography experts from throughout the world. The purpose of these conversations is to create a direct link to photographers from the Balkans to top-lever professionals. As well as to create more connection for the photography industry with the Balkans. Please follow us on Instagram to see all our interviews/conversations to date.

Curated Online Presence

As part of our mission to promote emerging photographers from the Balkans, we showcase the work of VID Grant winners on our website and social media to expand their exposure, create opportunity and connect them with our broader network.


In addition to their online promotion, we will showcase the winners of the VID Grant through exhibitions that take place in both the Netherlands as well as countries in the Balkans. The purpose is to show the winning works to a broader international public in order to promote new, untold perspectives and representations of the social, cultural and physical landscape in the Balkans.

Local Partnerships

In order to expand our network in the Balkans and to keep up to date with developments in the photography scene in the region, the VID Foundation for Photography engages in partnerships with local organisations, as well as with organisations that are based in the Netherlands, but work with/in the Balkans.



The VID Foundation for Photography is a Dutch organisation operating under Dutch Law and based in Amsterdam. Our mission is to support visual storytellers, photographers and artists that expose often unseen, relevant social issues affecting communities in the Balkans.
KVK-nummer: 80865089

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Header image: Local business in downtown Skopje closed for renovations, Skopje 2017 © Bertan Selim

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